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Wild Oregano Bunch Dried - Imepa



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This Oregano is dried and preserved in the traditional ancient way to maintain all his Mediterranean flavour.

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Oregano is an aromatic herb used to flavor vegetable preserves and ready-made sauces, in the bakery is used to flavour croutons, bruschetta, crackers, breadsticks, pizzas and focaccias.

This herb is widely used in Mediterranean dishes and has antique origins. Used not only as food but also for medicine and perfumes. Its name originated from the Greek words òros which means mountain, and ganào that is I am pleased, therefore the meaning is joy, wonder, the delight of the mountain, alluding to the goodness and beauty of the plant. Legend says that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and passion, created oregano and made it grow abundantly in her gardens and on the slopes of Mount Olympus. Hence the Greek origin of its name ”delight of the mountain”, which the population chose for the fragrant herb.


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