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Wafer Cubes Hazelnut - Balocco



Made with four layers of soft hazelnut cream, these crispy wafer cubes are in a practical sharepack!

Additional information

Weight250 g


For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Balocco Wafers are free from preservatives, dyes and hydrogenated fats. Only GM-free ingredients.

Why this brand


Behind Balocco there is a long, interesting story!
Francesco Antonio Balocco was born in Narzole in 1903, a small village in Piedmont.
At eleven years old Francesco Antonio started his internship as a pastry chef, which led him to work in some of the historical bakeries of Piedmont.
In 1923 Francesco Antonio launched a pastry shop in Fossano, with his brother Alfredo, and in 1933 they open a second shop.
During the II World War, both shops were destroyed by the Blackshirts. Shortly after the shops were rebuilt along with their first factory. From that point, Balocco starts growing becoming one of the most famous brands in Italy for the production of sweets.
In 2017 Balocco reached a turnover of € 185 million, and today they are present in 67 countries around the world, luckily in Australia too!


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