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Violet Artichoke Paste - Segreti Di Sicilia



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Higly addictive, faboulous artichokes paste

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Weight190 g

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

The only complai we receive about this products is that once it is opened, it finish way to soon! It can be usesd on steak, fish, with canapes and everywhere you need the delicate and delicious flavour of artichokes. This organic sauce is delicate and well balanced in flavours. The best part is that you can simply heat it up (even in the microwave by removing the lid) and there you go! Pasta is ready! We also treid with sausages, by just panfired sausages cut in tiny pieces, once cook add the sauce untill warm and is redy to be served! ….and why not with smoked salmon? In this case we suggest you just add the salmon cut in small shreds to the sauce, once warm is done and ready to be mixed in the pasta!


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