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Truffle Linguine - Fattorie Umbre



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Simple handcrafted with a lot of flavour.

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Weight500 g

Fattorie Umbre

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

You know linguine, and you also know how delicious truffles are. With a subtle flavour to elevate the most simple dishes, the truffle linguine combines the best of both worlds.

This pasta itself is an explosion of flavour, the delicate eggflavour pasta and the bold truffle. Any creamy sacue would envelop this pasta and elevate it to a gourmet dish!

Why this brand

Fattorie Umbre

Fattorie Umbre comes from a long family experience in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From harvesting olives and other local products, like tomatoes and truffles, they expand their range of artisanally made products to pasta and sauces.

For over 30 years, Fattorie Umbre prides itself on choosing the highest quality raw materials and using modern technology to create results that satisfy its customers even in 16000 km away in Australia.


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