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Toasted Fregola Sarda - Tanda & Spada



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Fregola (or Fregula) is a durum wheat semolina pasta, bronze drawn and toasted for nuttiness. Small and chewy like a grain, fregola makes a great base for pasta salads and sauced dishes alike.

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Weight500 g

Tanda & Spada

Why this product

This is an ancient pasta orginate more than 1000 years ago in the Sardinian Island, called fregula, fregua, succu, cascà or pistitzone, depending on the areas of the island. The origin of the word would seem to derive from the Latin ferculum, “crumb”.
If you are talking with a Sardinian person we recommend you don’t call it Fregola, as they would prefer the dialect original name Fregula. (Ah! Italians! Always arguing about food!).

These irregular “crumbs” of dough, of more or less large size, are made by mixing semolina and water for a long time. This pasta is then toasted in the oven, taking on a darker colour and an inimitable flavour.

How to use it

Boiled and used like pasta, the most famous Sardinian recipe with this type of pasta is Fregola with clams, an excellent typical first course, especially in Southern Sardinia.

Sardinian Fregola lends itself to many different preparations, with tomato or white, from the richest such as the Fregola with seafood, or with the delicious Sardinian bottarga or to others of poorer origin such as the Fregula incasada, with simple ingredients: parsley, tomato, sometimes saffron, and lots of grated pecorino cheese.

In summer can be delicious ingredients for refresh and rich salads.
In winter added to soups and broths.
Not only boiled, it is often cooked “risottata” that is prepared like risotto, by adding broth and keep it creamy.


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