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Tagliatella Liquor - Nardini



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Fruity, spicy, harmonious. A grappa based unique liqueur characterized by floral fragrances and subtle hints of spices.

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Grappa, sour cherry, orange, and herbs are the key ingredients in this precious recipe guarded by the Nardini family.

Why this brand


Maybe we choose this product because The Deli Cart founder (Veronica) grew up in Bassano Del Grappa, where Nardini is not only a historical company, but the beacon or aperitives afternoon session?

Yes! And also because Nardini has 200 years of history of a family whose name has become synonymous, over centuries and generations, with a product that’s an icon of an entire nation.

The Story is quite facinating. In 1979 Bortolo Nardini with farsightedness and the tenacious will to turn his vision into reality, he bought the Osteria al Ponte, today called the Grapperia Nardini (where our founder used to get drunk) to produce grappa with a permanent still and sell it to the public. Bortolo called his grappa “Aquavite di Vinaccia” playing on the etymology that could mean both “water of life” and “water from the vine”. The first grappa of Italy was born, Nardini Grappa.


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