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Strozzapreti - La Pasta di Mamma Isa



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An elongated version of casarecce, an artisanal pasta to capture all the flavours!

Additional information

Weight500 g

Mamma Isa

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Why this product

Strozzapreti, or priest choker, is a hand-rolled Italian pasta variety with its origins in the Romagna and Tuscany areas. Made from a plain pasta dough, strozzapreti is formed by rolling small rectangles of flat dough into tight coils resembling a scarf or towel.
Handcrafted bronze-cut pasta are slightly coarser than the usual and are the best vehicle for a great sauce.

How to use it

Artisanal pasta takes a while longer than the commercial past to cook, but it is worth the extra minutes to wait!

Rich with vegetables, meat and creamy sauces are perfect with this kind of pasta.
Try them with cream broccoli and sausages sauce.

Why this brand


Colacchio products come from an artisan tradition passed on from father to son, respecting values and culture of authentic workmanship.
Each product of Colacchio stores the secret of its quality of traditional recipes and the knowledge and the willingness to maintain the more traditional regional flavours and recipes.


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