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Spaghetti - Sgambaro



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Classic, simple, iconic spaghetti.

Additional information

Weight500 g


For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Spaghetti are so good that goes along with the most simple recipes, like “Aglio olio e pepperoncino”, this is why have a great quality pasta will assure you that with even a sauce made of 3 ingredients you will have the best pasta dish ever!

Speaking of “Aglio e olio” did you know that is the famous “Midnight Pasta” dish after a long night out? This is what italian does after come back home with firends after a club night, or a long drink session, we sit down the table and eat again!

Why this brand


Tullio Sgambaro and his wife Maria founded their first pasta factory in Cittadella, Veneto region in 1947.

Sgambaro is one of our favourite brands and it encompasses high quality in both its products and its values. They represent the perfect match of past and future values: tradition with quality and sustainability with technology.

We fell for Sgambaro’s commitment to use 100% of Italian durum wheat and to make a difference in the environmental footprint.

How to use it

Use them as you want but don’t break them! Spaghetti must not be break unless for kids. If they don’t fit in the pot, wait 30 seconds until the immerged part softened and then gently stir until they will bend into the pot.


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