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Rosè Couvèe Brut - Casa Gheller



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Sparkling Rosè is what really sparks joy.

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Weight750 g

Casa Gheller

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Cuvèe Brut Rosè Spumante by Casa Gheller presents itself in the glass in sparkling, rich pink.
On the nose, it unfolds fragrances of red fruits, especially strawberries and raspberries.
On the palate full-bodied, juicy, with elegant perlage, in the finish a pleasant sweetness.

Why this brand

Casa Gheller

Casa Gheller is a winery from Valdobbiadene, the hearth of Prosecco region in Veneto.
The company was acquired from the Moretti Polegato family that pursued its values and traditions.

Too often, especially overseas, we see the “Prosecco” name on many bottles that have nothing to do with the authentic dry sparkling wine from Veneto. This is why at The Deli Cart we carefully select our wines that truly come from the regions where generations of families dedicated their lives to keep the traditions and knowledge.

How to use it

Sparkling wine is extremely versatile for pairing. Sparkling rosé also tends to have naturally high acidity, heavier mouthfeel and fruitier notes than white wines, enhancing most foods without overwhelming their flavours.

From cheeses antipasti boards to fruit tarts, citrusy salads to spicy BBQ, sparkling rosé can better your brunch, offer a refreshing aperitif and claim its place at the table from breakfast to dessert


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