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Penne Wholewheat - Sgambaro



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Healthier and delicius! The healthy nourishment from the best Italian grains.

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Weight500 g


For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

The grains outermost layers are removed so that germs are kept intact, thus preserving their most delicate, water soluble fibres.

Sgambaro wholemeal pasta is made with hulled durum wheat, that is to say, like an onion, the husk, richer in cellulose and more sensitive to contamination, is removed and the inner fibre, more delicate and easier to digest, is retained.
In wholemeal flour, the grain is milled with all its components (bran, endosperm and germ endosperm) so it fully preserves its nutritional properties. It’s worth noting the presence of vitamin E, a key antioxidant, and phytoestrogens, which help you keep a healthy heart and bones. The calories of the various types of flour are more or less the same, though the higher fiber content of wholemeal pasta compared to white pasta guarantees slower bowel movements, a reduced glycaemic increase after your main meals and helps you feel fuller for longer.

Why this brand


Tullio Sgambaro and his wife Maria founded their first pasta factory in Cittadella, Veneto region in 1947.

Sgambaro is one of our favourite brands and it encompasses high quality in both its products and its values. They represent the perfect match of past and future values: tradition with quality and sustainability with technology.

We fell for Sgambaro’s commitment to use 100% of Italian durum wheat and to make a difference in the environmental footprint.


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