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Penne Emmer (Spelt), Lentils and Quinoa - Sgambaro



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Genuine flavour, balanced nutrition! A cereal, a pulse, and a herbaceous plant: strength through unity.

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Weight500 g


For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

With the right amount of protein and a low glycaemic index, it brings excellent nutritional values to the table and a genuine natural taste, for a beautiful life on the go. The richness of protein and variety of ingredients made the perfect pasta for the ones that play sport, without the need for antagonizing carbs! The low glycaemic index makes it particularly suitable for those who have metabolic disorders (Diabetes, IBS, PCOS, etc).

Not even mention that is 100% organic!

Why this brand


Tullio Sgambaro and his wife Maria founded their first pasta factory in Cittadella, Veneto region in 1947.

Sgambaro is one of our favourite brands and it encompasses high quality in both its products and its values. They represent the perfect match of past and future values: tradition with quality and sustainability with technology.

We fell for Sgambaro’s commitment to use 100% of Italian durum wheat and to make a difference in the environmental footprint.

How to use it

It cooks in only 8 minutes and it can be paired with any sauce. For keeping it healthy and easy we recommend our artisanal kale pesto. 8 minutes and 2 step preparation, carbs-guilty free!


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