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Pecorino Truffle di Moliterno - Central



If you love Pecorino and Truffle you have to taste this champion of cheese! Seriously!

Additional information

Weight200 g


This product will be sent chilled, in Thermo insulated packaging. Keep refrigerated. Cured meat and cheese maintain theirs freshens up to months, for the best we recommend opening within 30 days since package shipment confirmation. Once open the vacuum pack can be consumed within 2 weeks while keeping refrigerated and well sealed. For any additional info visit our FAQ page.

This cheese has received numerous awards over the years, notably silver in 2013, bronze in 2014, and gold in 2015 at the World Cheese Awards, acknowledging it as one of the best cheeses in the world! The marble colour of the cheese reveals the presence of truffle shards. This rich, grassy and nutty flavour comes with a slightly oily texture on the rind that encases the truffle.

Moliterno is a cheese traditionally originate in Basilicata, in Moliterno. Today is produced in many regions in Italy especially in Sardinia, the land of sheep and of course the most delicious sheep cheeses.

Why this brand


Central Formaggi is indeed a Sardinian producer from Cagliari. Central’s reliability is attested by the expertise of its staff and perfectly optimized organization.

How to use it

This cheese will be the King of your cheese board and if you have some leftover (we doubt it!) you can grate on top of pasta, ravioli, bread, pizza to just make everything taste wonderful!

Accompaniments: Berries or Fig jam, Quince Paste Assorti, Strawberry Compote with Balsamic Vinegar Modena IGP Assorti, Honey, Pears. Pairing: Bold, Big, Hearty Red Wines (Barolo, Amarone, Nero D’Avola, strong and aged Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot).


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