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Pavesini Biscuits Original - Pavesi



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Iconic Italian biscuits so good and soo simple that became a staple of every Italian family!

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Weight200 g


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Did you know that there is 2 kind of Italian people, the ones that make tiramisu’ with the classic Savoiardi and the ones that use Pavesini! They are actually good to use them for a variaty of dessert recepies.

Pavesini biscuits are so loved because their simple and healthy ingredients, as per advertise in iconic Italian advertise they are made with ‘”only three ingredients: sugar, flour and eggs!”.

Why this brand


After the Second World War, Mario Pavesi resumed the activity of his biscuit factory. He invented the famous Pavesini biscuits, becoming popular because loved by Italian mothers for their children! Thanks to their unique shape, light structure and their simple ingredients!
In 1955, Mario Pavesi, returning from a trip to America, launches the “crackers”, a product particularly suitable for an Italy that is changing.

Clever marketing and constancy to keep the ingredients simple gave them a huge success, and in late ’90, they become part of the Barilla Group.
Now the world start to discover them, along with few Italian secrets, for example, the one that in many families Pavesini is the biscuits chosen for the tiramisu!


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