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Paccheri Rigati Organic Ancient Grain - Pasta Fanelli



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Weight350 g

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Why this product

The rediscovery of stone grinding and ancient grains.

From the collaboration with the best mills in our territory, the line of pasta obtained from ancient stone-ground grains is born: Senatore Cappelli, Verna, Khorasan, we select and enhance the crops of hard and soft “forgotten” grains.

With stone grinding, 100% wholemeal flour is obtained, as whole grains not deprived of the bran and germ are ground, obtaining a product rich in flavours and aromas, with superior nutritional properties in terms of fibre and vitamin intake and mineral salts.

The processing method of this pasta line, due to the reduced concentration of gluten present in the grains considered “ancient”, requires respect for the dough, obsessive care of all the production phases and very long drying times.


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