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Olives Belle Di Cerignola - Iaculli



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This variety of olives name is “Beauty of Cerignola”: the bigger and meatier of green olives.

Additional information

Weight580 g


Just perfect for any aperitivo and antipasto.
A bowl of olives, some prosciutto and a few grissini and you have recreated the perfect scenario for pop a bottle of prosecco and enjoy some snacks before dinner while entertaining your guest!

You know that despite being an Apulian variety of olives this is particular popular in Veneto Region, the homeland of Spritz?!
Indeed you likely will find a bella di cerignola olive in a skewer inside your glass of spritz!

Why this brand


The “Angelo Iaculli” was born in Cerignola in 1985 and get his name from his founder.

The business was based on the processing, transformation and wholesaling of preserved olives and vegetables.


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