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Nero D'Avola - La Sagrestana



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Nero d’Avola is “the most important red wine grape in Sicily” and is one of Italy’s most prominent indigenous varieties.

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La Sagrestana

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It is named after Avola in the far south of Sicily, and its wines are compared to New World Shirazes, with sweet tannins and plum or peppery flavours.

The beauty of Nero d’Avola is that in extreme heat it retains its acidity, which is music to the ears of our warm climate winemakers, who can craft a red that has a refreshing acidity, making it beautifully balanced.

Black fruit takes the lead, strong and proud, but is swiftly followed up by an amalgam of mixed spices, from liquorice root to cassia bark. Gritty but floral, this is a wine that is loaded with personality.

How to use it

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:
Pairs with heavier fish, shellfish, chicken, pork, ribs, beef, eggplant and pasta that have spicy, full-bodied acidic sauces or sauces with capers or olives. This is the kind of wine to have with a juicy burger.

Cheese Pairings:
Sheep’s milk cheeses, Taleggio, and high-fat cheeses with strong flavours.

Best with heavier dishes with acidic sauces or marinades as well as roasted meats.


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