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Nduja - Papandrea



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Nduja is a soft, spreadable and spicy salami originating from Calabria in Southern Italy.

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Weight180 g

This product will be sent chilled, in Thermo insulated packaging. Keep refrigerated. Cured meat and cheese maintain theirs freshens up to months, for the best we recommend opening within 30 days since package shipment confirmation. Once open the vacuum pack can be consumed within 2 weeks while keeping refrigerated and well sealed. For any additional info visit our FAQ page.

Its distinctive bright red colour and spiciness come from the generous quantities of the red peppers and paprika added to the mix.
Papandrea’s Nduja is slow cured and air-dried and is just as at home on a piece of crusty bread as it is in your favourite pasta sauce. Guaranteed to brighten your charcuterie board!

Best if consumed at room temperature.


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