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Nduja - De Palma



Spicy Spreadable Salami Nduja, Calabrian Style.

Additional information

Weight300 g

De Palma

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Nduja is a soft, spreadable and spicy salami originating from Calabria in Southern Italy.
De Palma’s nduja is one of our favourites, thanks to its rich flavour species and herbs, free-range pork fat, and ghost chilli pepper. This mix is then filled into natural casings and left to slowly and naturally cure.

Why this brand

De Palma

De Palma is a family-owned business where Salumi making runs through their DNA for 7 generations. Their passion brought them to have the finest cured meat in Australia, with the Italian passion for high-quality products and hard-working bones.
Loved from Hatted Chefs around Australia De Palma is definitely one of the best Italian small good producers we have here, and we are proud and happy to have their products at The Deli Cart.

How to use it

Nduja is perfect as it is, in a warm slice of sourdough bread, but it can be used in a varsity of dishes, on pizza, panini and piadina. Tossed with your pasta sauce or to enrich dips, meat sauces and soups.


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