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Mascarpone - Sterilgarda



The flavor is milky and slightly sweet. The rich, buttery texture comes from the high butterfat content. The delicate taste, richness and texture make mascarpone a perfect ingredient for many recipes, the most famous one is the tiramisu’.

Additional information

Weight500 g

Fresh perishable cheese will be sent in thermal insulated packaging. Please keep an eye on the delivered notification by email or text and place the product in the fridge as soon as possible. Consume within the expiration date. For any additional info visit our FAQ page.

Why this product

You know we are Italian, and since we land here we start the search for a good mascarpone.
We don’t know if is due to the sensitivity of the product, but the ones from Italy are temperamental, having a high chance to ruin the delicate balance of mascarpone desserts cream like tiramisù!

We tried the Sterilgarda long-life shelf and we were amazed by the rich fragrance typical of Mascarpone made in Italy, and the buttery texture without being too heavy.


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