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Manitoba Flour - Molino Grassi



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For the bread lovers out there, Manitoba is one of the stronger flours.

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Weight1000 g

Molino Grassi

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

This flour is sometimes called ”the magic flour”! Thanks to its characteristics and its versatility.

Manitoba took the name from the Canadian region where it came from originally. This region is cold enough to toughen up the wheat who grows rich in protein and gluten.
Richer and stronger is the wheat, more fun for the yeast to work its magic and create big and strong air bubbles in the dough.

This is why Manitoba is a perfect flour for a long rising process and it gives wonderful results for normal and sourdough bread, pizza, focaccia and panettone at Christmas.

Great for both sweet and savoury baking, you could try to make a Genovese Focaccia or even a Panettone at Christmas.

Why this brand

Molino Grassi

Founded in 1934, Molino Grassi produced soft wheat perfect for bread making, and installed one of the first durum wheat processing lines in Northern Italy and started production of Semolina.

Since then, it has been using only the best raw materials to offer superior products, both in terms of quality and nutritional values.


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