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Guanciale - De Palma



The authentic ingredients for make Carbonara and Amatriciana pasta by the book without upsetting any Italian! Delicate and well balanced in flavour and spices.

Additional information


De Palma

De Palma Guaciale is delicate and well balanced in flavour and spices.

Guanciale is pork cured meat that comes from the cheek of the pig. This delectable, robustly flavoured meat is seasoned on the surface with salt, pepper, sage, rosemary and other spices and herbs. It is then dried and aged for at least 3 months, a fundamental process that concentrates the flavours.

Why this brand

De Palma

De Palma is a family-owned business where Salumi making runs through their DNA for 7 generations. Their passion brought them to have the finest cured meat in Australia, with the Italian passion for high-quality products and hard-working bones.
Loved from Hatted Chefs around Australia De Palma is definitely one of the best Italian small good producers we have here, and we are proud and happy to have their products at The Deli Cart.

How to use it

Before cutting it into slices or cubes cut and discard the brown rim (pork skin) that will be only on one side.

Guanciale is the fat needed for amatriciana and carbonara sauces. The best method to cook it is in a pan, without any oil or butter, you just have to keep the right temperature, not too high to let the fat melt, once it melted the meat will fry in its fat becoming crispy.


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