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Gianduiotti Bulk - Monardo



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A smooth blend of creamy milk chocolate and hazelnuts. So good that a kilo bag is the smarter way!

Additional information

Weight1000 g


For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Why this product

Gianduja, gianduia, gianduiotto, or giaduiotti (plural) come in a typical ingot shape wrapped in gold foil! It was invented in Turin, Piedmont, as a way to make chocolate, which was very expensive, more accessible by blending in with hazelnuts that grew locally.
What an invention!
Chocolate and hazelnut blended into a smooth creamy spread, filling or solid chocolate is pure bliss!

When you find chocolate around it’s an instant mood booster!
This is probably why At The Deli Cart we have a mystery serial chocolate striker, not only we find open chocolate packs laying around the warehouse and office, but quite often someone likes to put a few in our customers’ boxes!

Why this brand


The history of the Monardo family is ancient and dates back to 3 generations. In the early 1900s, Mr Domenico Monardo began to produce Mostaccioli, a typical Calabrian sweet. Today Monardo is one of the leading South Italian sweets and chocolate industries.


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