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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mediterranean Collection - Frantoio D'Orazio



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One of the best Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold extracted in a tiny cute tin inspired by the local majolic and its Mediterranean essence.

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Weight250 g

Frantoio D'Orazio

Assorted colours chosen at random.

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Precious decorations such as doilies, flourishes and baroque fantasies, daring colours and shapes capturing the most significant insights of our territory. A collection that that smells of sea and earth.

In the Murgia area, where Giangirolamo Acquaviva d’Aragona the “Guercio of Puglia”left a sign of his passage, followed by Normans, Swabians and Angevins, the elegant Conversano, corner of Puglia still reverberating the echoes of the abbesses, is where the story of the D’Orazio family begins.

Why this brand

Frantoio D’Orazio

Frantoio D’Orazio only uses the olive varieties coming from the countryside surrounding Conversano and from the olive trees owned by the family itself: the natural mixture of these cultivars makes the olive oil unique and every dish a special experience of taste.

During the milling operation (when the olives are chopped), the visitors of the plant can witness the entire process and taste the freshly extracted olive oil and the products of Ciccio Dorazio selection.

The continuous research on raw materials, the enhancement of the locally harvested olive varieties and the fancy dress inspired by the local tiles shaped a treasure chest preserving His Majesty the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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