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Cantucci Ghiottini - Ghiott 1953



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Hard biscuits for soft hearts. Made with the original recipes from Enzo Salaorni from 1953.

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Weight200 g

For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

You recognize the almond cantuccio by its shape, by the bright colour of the dough, by the scent of freshly baked cake. Particularly soft and tasty, it accompanies convivial pleasure on any occasion.
This cantucci are special because they are made with the traditional recipe of Enzo Salaorni back from 1953, and because cantucci has only 4 ingredients. This means that 70 years later the same high quality ingredient are sourced to obtain the same results, with “A” grade organic eggs and ilk from the Tuscany valleys.
Biscuits and sweets, which, made as they once were, conquer new consumers, without ever giving up their origins and the dimension of family biscuits, “like home-made”.


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