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Breadstick Artisanal Grissini EVO - Prato



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Handcrafted breadstick with Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the unmistakable taste of artisanal Piedmont bakeries.

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Weight200 g


For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

Long crunchy sticks of bread, better known as Grissini, these breadsticks are usually a complimentary snack served at Italian restaurants while waiting for your meal. They are also often presented with antipasti board with cheeses, cured meats and pickles.

Prato breadsticks are soo good that the real challenge is when to stop eating them.

Why this brand


A family tradition that has its roots back in 1848 with the Pipino family bakery in the heart of Piedmont, land of the famous breadsticks.
The range of products Pipino & Fino are produced in the Prato s.r.l. factories. They research and select the most prestigious ingredients, like the oldest cereals. With the focus on the new trends in taste and nutrition, they remain faithful to the tradition.
Prato’s specialties are made with traditional methods that preserve their identity. They respect the slowness during the manufacturing, long breaks, long leavening time, and especially handcraft skills that in some passages confers peculiarity to the product.

How to use it

Serve them with your antipasto to balance the flavor and texture of cheeses and cured meats. Roll around a slice of Prosciutto di Parma to serve a quick delicoius entre.


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