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Baci Tube - Perugina



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The iconic chocolates on the tube are ideal for improvising a surprise that can ignite emotions and make chocolate lovers happy.

Additional information

Weight37.5 g


For storage and consumption date please refer to the product label.

This tube contains 3 Baci Perugina.

Bacio means “kiss” and this is the most delicious and chocolate loved by everyone!

Each chocolate has a little love message inside. It can’t be more romantic than this.

Why this brand


The company was formed in 1907 by Francesco Buitoni, Annibale Spagnoli, Leone Ascoli and Francesco Andreani in Perugia, an Umbria regio city.

But was the work of Luisa Spagnoli, who created the chocolate brand Perugina, that leads it to worldwide success!

She created the iconic Bacio (“kiss”), a soft mixture of chocolate and crushed hazelnut, with a whole hazelnut on top, coated with her special recipe dark chocolate, and wrap in a little foil paper. But at that time she didn’t name it with such a romantic name, she called it “punch” for its shape!
Luckily for Perugina, the name was changed becoming the iconic gift that represents love!


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