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Frequently Answered Questions

Want to find our more about the deliveries, cost or our packaging?
Answers to these common questions can be found below.

Our priority is to deliver fresh and best quality products. If you order dry food it could be delivered in 5-14 days. If your order contains chilled products, like cheese or meat, you would expect a few more days. If you need to receive your products on a specific day, get in touch with our friendly customer service, we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Please note that in peak volume periods (e.g Christmas) or if lock down is in place in major Australian cities, it may affect delivery times. Whilst we will do our best to ensure delivery is made in a timely manner, there may be situations beyond our control. We will not provide compensation for any late/missed/damaged deliveries that are at fault of the couriers.

Here following what we recorded after a year of The Deli Cart:

  • Sydney Metro: 83% orders placed before Tuesday are delivered on the next Friday/Saturday.
  • NSW (excluding Sydney Metro): 72% of orders placed before Tuesday are delivered the next Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Australia Wide: 84% of orders placed before Tuesday are delivered the next Wednesday or Thursday.

For more information about deliveries see SECTION 3 of our Terms & Conditions Policy.

From $16.39 to $27.39:

  • $16.39 (which is $14.90 + GST) for all orders Australia wide
  • $27.39 (which is $14.90 + $10 + GST) if the pack contains chilled products for all orders Australia wide, Sydney Metro excluded.

For more information about deliveries see SECTION 3 of our Terms & Conditions Policy.

We don’t have a public pick up point at the moment, however if you have special requirements we can organise pick up points in Sydney. Contact us to organise your order pick up point.

Yes! Dealing with around 30 producers and wholesalers in Australia and Italy we can definitely help you to source the best products for your business. Contact our customer service to enquire about products and prices.

Please check the condition of outside boxes before accepting from the courier. If the box is visibly damaged take a picture and contact our customer team. We don’t take responsibility for courier damage however we do our best to make the courier company accountable to assure you a refund.

We don’t provide the tracking number all the time as we use different couriers in accordance with the location or estimate delivery time.

Keep in mind the chilled items are packed with ice packs and we assure that the cold chain will be maintained for 72 hours.

We ask the couriers to leave the pack at your front door, this will avoid the parcel going back to the deposit.

Please make sure to provide clear and complete information regarding the delivery address (e.g. if you want the parcel delivered at the office be clear on level,office name and where to leave the parcel).

If the courier is unable to leave the package, the box will be sent back to us and a re-delivery can occur for an additional fee.

If you provide us with an incorrect address please contact our customer team as soon as possible, if your parcel didn’t leave the warehouse we will amend the address and delivery to you, however if the parcel already left our warehouse we will do our best to contact the courier but we can’t accept any responsibility for the mistake.

Unfortunately we do not deliver to police stations/centres, domestic and international airport terminal, and government bases (eg. military/navy defense bases) due their strict regulations for accepting deliveries.

Once you have checked out then the order is locked in. If you need to cancel your order then 24 hours notice is required. There are no refunds, however if you give 24 hours notice then you will be sent a credit towards your next purchase. To know more about refund and cancellation see the Return Policy and Terms & Condistion pages.

Si! Il nostro customer team e’ bilingue e parliamo inglese e italiano. Se hai bisogno di aiuto nel completare il tuo ordine o per avere informazioni contatta in nostro customer team qui e faremo il possibile per aiutarti!

Yes! Our customer team is bilingual and we speak English and Italian. If you need help to complete your order or you need some info contact our customer team here and we will do our best to help you out!

As we do not produce the products ourselves, and stock a vast amount of different products we cannot guarantee that a product will not come in contact with allergens.

We pack perishable and chilled products with food grade insolations material that will assure to maintain the cold chain until delivered. We do our best to use as much sustainable packaging as possible. All chilled or frozen products, if not consumed straight away, must be kept in the fridge or freezer. On the product page we provide the information with icons to indicate chilled or frozen products.

All the essential information about the products can be found in the product label. If you are purchasing Deli meat or cheese you can find the information about storage and expiration date on the product page. If you have any doubt please contact our customer team.
Ingredients and nutritional values are not available at the moment on our website. However we provided icons with the most important information about the product. If you need to have more information about the products before purchasing it, please contact our customer team.

Cured meat and cheeses are cut freshly accordly to the product features (e.g. prosciutto is sliced really thin, salami thicker) and vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealed products maintain their quality for many months, however we suggest consuming them within 30 days from shipment confirmation.

No, we always try to put an extra slice because we all know that first slice goes straight in the mouth and it doesn’t count! With cheese it is a bit more complicated to do precise slices, we try our best and if the difference is less than 50g we will refund the difference.
Most of our products have the expired date provided by the producer, written in the package (“best before”, or “bb”, “use by”) The fresh meat and cheese that we freshly slice for you will be vacuum sealed and can last refrigerated for months, but it might vary depending on the products (aged cheeses and meats last longer). We recommend it to be consumed within a week since opening, and within 30 days since order had been dispatched.

The stock that expires with an “Use By Date” is thrown away. The stock expired with a “Best Before Date” is donated to NSW charity organisations. Usually to the Salvation Army. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact our customer team and tell us about it.

As reported on the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards guidelines:  “Foods that must be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons should be marked with a use by date. Foods should not be eaten after the use by date and can’t legally be sold after this date because they may pose a health or safety risk.

Most foods have a best before date. You can still eat foods for a while after the best before date as they should be safe but they may have lost some quality. Foods that have a best before date can legally be sold after that date provided the food is fit for human consumption.”

Because of food authority regulation we cannot accept food back, however we would really appreciate your feedback, contact our customer service and let us know.

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