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Our motto

Food is happiness, happiness is love.

We deliver only the best Italian food to your door.

How did we start?

Our journey began in 2019

Founded by a bunch of Italian Sydneysiders who have food and technology as a common passion. We are the kind of people who constantly talk about food, ask questions, and share curiosities. From friends to business partners, we ended up chasing the dream to create a platform, a deli accessible to everyone.
But what do we really do?

We do the hard work

We research and select the best food and talk with more than 30 suppliers from Italy and Australia, creating connections to share knowledge with chefs and other food lovers. We taste test the products (this is the part we like the most), we rely on customer feedback and we share what we learn along the way. We carefully prepare and pack the food to ensure it arrives fresh at your door. We listen to every story behind the food we select, from the brand to the production and the memories connected.
Where are we now?

The Deli Cart Today

Our head office and warehouse is located in Sydney but we deliver all across Australia. We are growing fast and The Deli Cart is becoming popular thanks to the love and support of our beloved customers. Today we have more than 200 products and many more to come. There are a lot of ideas and projects in the pipeline and we are excited to embark on this journey.
What did we learn along the way?

Support the local producers

Made in Italy” is more than from a place. We value and are proud to get our hands on some of the most delicious Italian products and seek DOP DOC IGP authenticity. The cruel reality is that living in a country so far from Europe with really strict regulations puts us in a position where we can’t have access to everything we are craving from home. The good thing is that we have learned that even if we can’t have all the products from Italy we can support Italian producers here in Australia.

How can it be made in Italy if it is made in Australia, you may ask?
Because we select producers that have special ingredients, the genuine passion for making good food with all the love that comes from tradition, family, and a lifetime of research & effort to produce the best products. And on top of that, locally sourced products are a lot more sustainable! Our friend Michele is the best example, the Piadina is made with 3 simple ingredients and the 4th one is his genuine worship and effort to make it exactly as the lady in his hometown in Romagna

Why are we good at this?

Delivering food makes us happy!

Food brings people together, creates memories and makes people happy. Delivering it makes us happy. We are customer-focused and curious about food. Every day we discover and learn more about Italian regional products and fusion cuisine. Our customer orders inspire us to continue to seek new products and to keep the quality high with affordable prices.

Where to next?

How are we growing?

We are a women-led business with an Italian background. Caring like Italian mamme and nonne is in our DNA and this is where our inspiration comes from.

Our mission is to extend our capacity to deliver more products faster while seeking the best producers that share our vision and ethics.

Who is really behind The Deli Cart

Veronica O.

Director and
Customer Happiness
She doesn’t remember what she had for breakfast but she would remember the favourite coffee of a customer from 10 years ago.

Giorgia D.

Project Manager and
Web Developer
She is MacGyver of The Deli Cart and she always finds a way to make things work smoothly. We are pretty sure she used a hair clip at least once to fix a bug on the website.

Maria B.

and Content Writer
Her opinions are important. Whether she is talking about the Kardashians or the global soy crisis. We love to listen to her.

Niel B.

User Experience and
The only non-Italian in the group and he can feel it all. Devoted to The Deli Cart after the discovery of the Calabrian chili.

Ciccio Pasticcio

Life Coach
and Guru
He is always there for us. Nothing would have been possible if it wasn't for his presence and support. A martyr and a hero, always available for anyone who needs him.

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